Feeling Angelic?

The latest from Blueberry is the Icon Angel outfit.  Included are the bra, panty and garters/suspender.  The HUD allows you to change the color of the garters to match other elements you may have on.

BB Icon

The wings that come with it are separate and available in the same range of colors of as a fatpack.  The level of detail in the wings is just beautiful – and with the entire outfit on my complexity was still only 63k.  The outfit is lovely and soft looking, fits perfectly (as we expect from Blueberry).

BB Icon 3

The wings really are gorgeous and also Bento compatible with a bit of “flap” – thus adding to your newfound angelic aura!

Adding to the look here is Sahara hair – the latest from eXxEsS

As always, thank you for reading!



Icon Angel outfit and wings – all by Blueberry   Mary heels by KC Couture

Featured Body:  Lara by MaitreyaCatwa Kathy Head, Skin applier from The Skinnery and Sahara A/B hair from eXxEsS

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