Simplify Updating Your Outfits!

So today I decided to purchase a new set of eyes from Mayfly.  As anybody who’s replaced a body component knows – it can be a pain to update all those outfits you’ve been saving.  I used to make the change and re-save them, deleting the old version – or something similarly time consuming.  However today I learned that in Firefox there is a much faster, simpler way!

Start off by:

1.Going to the outfit folder

2. Finding the object “link” you want to replace

3. Right click  and then choose “replace links”

step one

That will bring up the window below.

4. You will see a Pop up that says “replace inventory links”, it will also tell you how many times that inventory link is in your outfits.

step two

5. Find the object that you want to replace the “old” item with.

6. Highlight the new object.

7. Drag the object name to the “New” field in the pop up.

step three

Once you’re sure you are ready to replace the “old” field with the new…

8. Click Start

9. The “target” link will replace the “source” link everywhere it appears in an outfit.

step four

You’ll see your inventory numbers jump a bit and the “found XXX inventory links:” number will count down until it’s finished, at which point it will say “Finished replacing inventory links”.  Done!

This works really well for something like skins, eyes, etc.  Anything you know you’ll want to replace very occurrence of the other old item.

I hope you found this helpful….now I have to go and replace my new Catwa head and HUD in all my outfits!

Thanks for stopping by,


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