For Those Going Bento

Having spent a bit of time lately helping a couple of lovely friends through the process of a bento (and one from no mesh to full mesh) update, it’s occurred to me that perhaps a bit of a primer or a guide would be useful.  A non-authoritative one, of course but based on my experiences and what I found to be a helpful set of steps.

Adjusting Shape

If you like your shape, you can keep your shape.

For starters I suggest going into “Edit Appearance” and jotting down your body dimensions.  Do not worry about the head sliders.  You want to focus on the three sets of body stats:

  1. Body
  2. Torso
  3. Legs

Having done this, you now can recreate that lovely figure you’ve grown so fond of – regardless of which head you decide to place atop yourself.

Next, any demo or full version of a Bento head will include a new shape – as highlighted below.  You’ll need to wear this shape to have the best starting point for the appearance of your bento head.  The designer has rigged the head to this shape – you can make your own adjustments but I suggest starting where they have it set.

Then of course, having moved to a Bento head you will be able to tweak your features to dial in just the right look for yourself!

Select Shape

Of course your mileage may vary.

Now that you’re wearing that new shape and are ready to take advantage of those extra bones to move your face and other bits so nicely, you’ll want to go back into Edit Appearance and put in your bodily dimensions to get back your own figure.

I find it useful at points like this to save yourself some steps and save the look as an outfit.  This is great for clothing but also for switching back and forth between looks (and returning to your original – be sure to save your look before you start the process)


Body:  Lara by Maitreya, Lilo head by Catwa, AvEnhance hands by SlinkLara Hurley Laura applier, and Senuna hair from eXxEsS

Outfit: Kendall Blouse by Addams, High Waist shorts by Ricielli

Thanks for reading!


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