Holiday Gown and Other Finds

I hope you are all enjoying your Winter!  Unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere and enjoying your Summer.

With the arrival of the holidays and all the accompanying parties, who doesn’t love finding a great gown?

The Christina Gown from Annie at Just Because has been wonderful through my Christmas celebrating and I may even get it in another base color (lower half is available in many!) for the coming New Year’s festivities.


HUD driven top section for changing occasions

As I mentioned, the bottom is the base color, but the top has a HUD you can use to choose from a few different color options.  You can also use the HUD to change the color of the contrasting fur trim on the jacket that comes with the gown:


Keeping part of my torso warm and toasty.

Here you see the color options on the included HUD:



Christina Gown by Just Because

Body:  Lara by Maitreya, Catwa Annie Head, Lara Hurley Laura applier and Senuna A/B hair from eXxEsS

And thanks again for stopping by to take a look!




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