Bento Head – Lelutka Simone

I’ve previously talked about Simone and Lelutka.  Mesh Head Miscellany  But having just gotten wind that the Simone head from is now available for Bento and that Lelutka is offering a rebate of what you spent on the original – I had to give it a try.



More control over your look


I still  like the look, and with the ability now to adjust our heads like with the previous system body – but with the advantages of better animations, higher resolution textures and options, it’s very much a win/win.

Of course another advantage with 30 more bones in the head/face alone is that the expressions are more complex and natural – and even more subtle at times.  I put together a quick collage of just a few of the expressions available through the HUD.



I did say it was QUICK!

These are just a few of the expressions that came with the intro HUD.  Keeping in mind the additional expressions that Bento will bring to our mesh bodies, I’m looking forward to seeing how things progress.  The talking animations played while you type are very natural and you even have options for happy or regular talking expression.


Plenty of fine control


Along with these HUDS you have a general HUD for controlling updates and other settings.

The Eye controls are great speaking from a photography standpoint, but the HUD overall is wonderful to work with.

I’m just learning it, but having fun with it so far!

Thanks as always for reading!



Editor slacks in red by Just Because

“Jolly Holidays” mini sweater by Blueberry

Body:  Lara by Maitreya, Stella Head by Lelutka, Luna applier/skin for Lelutka by League Skins, and Senuna hair from eXxEsS

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