Gifts and Luxe Box Items

So the SL fashionista blog world has been overflowing with Luxe Box stories.  I just want to share the fruits of this great monthly Christmas party bit by bit.

In this particular post I’ll start with the ISON Bella Dress and the eXxEsS Christmas gift from the always wonderful Layja Vidor!



Meet me under the mistletoe?

This style is also available sans holiday decor – but I’m not featuring that for now because what fun would that be?


Pretty and….witty?


The dress, as with anything we find in Luxe Box comes with a full texture and color HUD, and any of you who have anything by ISON know, the colors are rich and the textures are nicely detailed!

Another wonderful Luxe Box regular is the gorgeous design of tres blah.  Featured here is their gorgeous holiday dress.



I always dress like this to get my tree!  You don’t?!

As with any of the gorgeous things we get from tres blah this has a lovely HUD – one that will be sure to help you be the hit of whichever of those fun SL cocktail/holiday parties you have on your calendar!



Sequins?  Yes.

So this is just a bit of the once again wonderful content from Luxe Box.   I can’t recommend it enough.

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays – whichever you celebrate – and even if you don’t…happy holidays from me as I always enjoy wishing others well!

Thanks for reading!  





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