Blueberry Season

I made it in to Collabor88 finally, I hope you’ll watch this space for further coverage.  In other words – though I’d said I was off shopping this week due to the fast approaching Luxe Box Day….well, how well did I really think I’d do adhering to that?


Blueberry Strikes again

I love this outfit.  The skirt’s texture is warm and has a look to it that makes you think you can almost feel the softness.


A perfect fit

The blouse is already calling me to go back for the other colors….

Both come with a color HUD for the buttons, and the blouse has two variants, the tucked in version shown above, as well as this untucked option:


Zero Tucks Given =]

We’ve all come to expect the details such as the stitching along the seams, the wrinkles that give the depth and realism of a garment following your body’s contours – and they are here.


No more tucking puns

The tails of this shirt did show the mesh garment beneath during certain moves my AO made, but I think with wise garment choice, that can be minimized.  This outfit is great, and in the spirit of my seasonal enthusiasm – perfectly timed for Autumn!


Blaire Blouse by Blueberry

Blaire Skirt by Blueberry (top two photos)

ISON Suede Skirt by ISON (bottom two photos)

Minnesota heels by KC Couture

Featured Body:  Lara by Maitreya, Catwa Annie Head, Lara Hurley Laura applier and Senuna A/B hair from eXxEsS

I appreciate your taking some time here with me – I hope you enjoyed and found it useful!


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