Mesh Head Miscellany

I have not featured many of the great mesh heads that are out there in this world.  My day to day life is led wearing the fantastic Annie Head by Catwa.  Here shown with the Mara appliers by DeeTaleZ.

And shown below with the Laura applier by Lara Hurley.



The Lara Hurley has a very easy to use HUD with options for freckles or none, five brow shades, ten lipstick and six nice options for eye makeup.  The body applier for the Maitreya body works perfectly and has nice resolution and detail.


As I cleverly demonstrate, the animation HUD has a very effective blink feature

The Catwa head has a nice animation HUD too, including nine different “moods” you can set as static or have the head cycle through.  I cover this more thoroughly here.

Also for my Annie head from Catwa is this, the Mara Applier from DeeTaleZ.  It’s a softer look, pretty and has a nice natural skin tone.


This devil is in the DeeTaleZ

The HUD with DeeTaleZ is straight forward and comes with enough options to work with most occasions.


DeeTaleZ applier HUD with Mara

The DeeTaleZ appliers come in a wide variety of shades and also offer a nice feature with the body applier.  The body applier is in two stages, upper and lower – with cleavage options for the upper and pubic hair color options (or none) for the lower.

For years I wore a skin from Laq – “Tess2 Mocha” was “me” for a long time in this world, so naturally I was excited to try out the Laq Trinity mesh head once she released it.  The head is pretty, has soft lovely looks and the shop has a nice variety of appliers.  Shown here with the Elena appliers from Laq.


Laq Trinity Head

Shown here, Laq Trinity with the Tasha applier also from Laq.


Laq Trinity Head

Look for more on the Laq head, I plan to find some more appliers for it and do some more work that I will look forward to sharing here!

Pictured below we see the Stella head by Lelutka.  The look as a bit more attitude than my Catwa, and is well suited to those “model moments”.   Shown below with appliers from YS&YS as well as League Skins.

Lelutka Stella

The League applier offers a nice solid variety of brow shades and six lipstick shades out of the box and a nice, simple layout for the HUD.


Pictured, the HUD, not the skin.

The YS&YS HUD also has a nice range of skin tones and textures, brows and eye makeup.  The lip colors are nice and offer a few fun unusual colors as well – a nice extra.



I’ll try and offer more information and in depth coverage of mesh heads going forward, this is a brief look at a few I’ve tried and used!

Also keep your eyes peeled as I have downloaded the beta version of the Bento Project viewer and have a couple of bento compatible mesh heads I’ll be experimenting with!

At that point some more individualized reviews will be forthcoming!

And as always, thanks for taking time from your day to read here.



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