Blueberry, Reignberry!

It’s always fun to log in and be greeted by a group notice that there’s a new gift awaiting your arrival.  Such a message was waiting for us from Blueberry and I’m happy to say it’s a lovely group gift!

A great fit, fun design and as you can see below, includes a color HUD allowing you to mix and match colors between the main top and the side laces.


To showcase this HUD, I of course opted to show you black on black.

Paired for these pictures with the previously covered L&B SWear Flared Jeans and the Reign Monetti heels (more on those below)

Continuing with our Blueberry flavored theme, another fun find at the shop today was the Scarlet Angelic Dress.


Angelic Indeed!

The body of the dress has great stitching details and drapes nicely for a beautiful fit on this Lara body.  As you can see in the picture of the back/shoulder area, the wings detail can be colored separately through a HUD that even allows you to use separate colors for the upper and lower “feathers”.


Once again showing off a broad range of colors.

In the “Reignberry” section (can be found at either shop) we found these gorgeous Monetti heels by Reign.  The detail in the heel is wonderfully intricate and pretty while the texture and lacing are soft and elegant.

The shoes are sold as a fatpack and come with a HUD filled with 40 colors in separate sections for Reign and Blueberry colors and three options for metal colors.

They are a perfect match with Blueberry‘s Tali jeans as well as many other outfits I’ve put together.  =]


October Group Gift tank by Blueberry

Scarlet Angelic Dress by Blueberry

Monetti Heels by Reign

Featured Body:

(TOP PIC) Lara by Maitreya, Catwa Annie Head, Lara Hurley Laura applier and Senuna A/B hair from eXxEsS

(MID PIC) Lara by Maitreya, Catwa Annie Head, Lara Hurley Laura applier and Rokita A hair from eXxEsS

As always, I appreciate your taking some time out of your day to read these pages!


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