I Love Autumn!

Something about the Autumn.  I love each season, but as we ease into a busy Autumn let’s focus on the pleasure of that first crisp breeze and the comforting scents and sights of this time of the year.  The season has changed; much as we love Summer, it’s passed and the beauty of “Fall” is here.  Enjoy watching the season turn our world into its colorful canvas.

Days shorten, but the coolness in the air is refreshing, and the season, in a most vivid and vibrant fashion warms us.

And as a bonus, we have the chance to wander the grid in search of a spot that will meet with The Great Pumpkin’s approval.  =]



Is this pumpkin patch the most sincere?

I’m sure Linus would approve of this spot, regardless of others’ opinions.  I also had to have some fun with this scarecrow.

Neither of us were very effective at scaring…..crows.

I’m off, time to go get a nice cup of mulled cider!


V Neck Sweater by tres blah (previously featured)

Suede Luxe Box pants by ISON (previously featured)

Featured Body:  Lara by Maitreya, Catwa Annie Head, Lara Hurley Laura applier and Abeja A/B hair from eXxEsS

Happy Autumn, and thanks as always – I truly appreciate your reading!



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