More Photography Fun

My friend Deli recommended this tool, and now that I have become accustomed to using it, I have to say it’s a great solution to a problem I didn’t know was a problem.

Anybody who has been trying to make fine adjustments in cam position for photos knows it can be a struggle, particularly on ultra graphics with depth of field active.

The Furware Peek camera HUD system allows you to set cameras (or presets on land where you aren’t able to rez objects) and return to them automatically and to toggle through them.

Each time you find an angle from which you’d like to shoot, you click the “+” button on the HUD as shown below.  This will either rez a cam; or if you have selected presets, it will save a preset cam location – again for places where you cannot rez.

You also see a tab for “public cams” – there is a server system that allows you to share your cam angles with others using the HUD, but since I have not used that feature I can’t comment.  =]


“+” marks the spot.  Then the next, and the next…..

Once you have set all of the presets or cams, you click the “refresh” button and get a list of your cams.

In this photo below, I have chosen to use the option for cams.  Having set each one with the “plus symbol” I now have these pre-set camera angles.  This removes the need for me to use “Alt-Mouse” or the cam tools repeatedly to return to the desired angles.


Cams to the left of me cams to the right, here I am….

Now that you have created your own cadre of disembodied SL paparazzi, you need no longer worry over the fiddly picky parts of setting camera angle, or be hesitant to leave your cam view to make changes!

To toggle from cam to cam, you simply click the “camera” button:furware-peek-use-cam-views

And then use the UP or DOWN arrows:


If you’ll miss Alt-Mouse – this isn’t the tool for you

Here is another really nifty feature the system has – there is a /chat command you can use to make your personal squadron of cameras follow your photo subject (this to the system would be the closest avi to the cams). NEAT!

This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive “tutorial” certainly, but I have been enjoying this tool a great deal and wanted to share an overview.

I’m finding this tool a lot of fun to use and could see it freeing me up to be a bit more creative in my photographs.


Swear Jeans by LaPointe & Bastchild

Ana tank by Addams

Reika heels by KC Couture

Peek Photo HUD by Furware

Featured Body:  Lara by Maitreya, Catwa Annie Head, Lara Hurley Laura applier and Mimosa A/B hair from eXxEsS

Happy shooting!

And as always, thank you for reading!



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