Luna Fatale Photo Equipment

When you’re shooting in your studio environment, with the right equipment you have an amazing degree of control over the imagery, giving new degrees of depth, detail and vivid appearance to your work.


The “artist” at work

I recently was able to put a number of wonderful products from Wendi Nitely (Wendy) at Luna Fatale in the studio and while still learning the depth and breadth of the capabilities they have, I’m already enjoying the results.  As a bonus, having chatted with Wendy, she seems to get as much enjoyment from hearing people enjoy her products as we get from using them!


Quick, look like you know what you’re doing!

Several recent incidents of positive feedback on my work the last few days prompted me to give more credit where credit is due – having the right tools does make things so much more enjoyable and certainly has a positive impact on your results.


Having a little fun and learning


Lots to learn!


Lots….to learn – but that’s what makes it fun.  =]

It was amazing and gratifying to see just how quickly people noticed the changes.

Any shutterbugs out there who want to take things to a next level – look up Luna Fatale!  (here’s a link also to her MP store)

Featured Items:

PRO-Series Modern Portrait Studio Complete Set – FATPACK by Luna Fatale

PRO-Series Model Pose Stool: Singles & Couples, 100 Poses by Luna Fatale

Photographers Backdrop (Preloaded “Sunrises”) by Luna Fatale

Flared Swear jeans by LaPointe & Bastchild

Draped Halter Top by Absolute Vendetta

Sophia Tank by Addams

Reika heels by KC Couture

And as always, thanks for reading!


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