Catwa Head Update (v 4.10 for female)

I have not gone into as much detail re: my Annie head from Catwa, but this recent update gives me an excuse to cover the topic a bit more closely


Showing some of the fun expressions from the Animations HUD

To start off, I do have a couple of other heads.  (add to the list of “things you only say in Second Life)  I love the Catwa for the combination of how it looks, the shape, smoothness and overall appearance is great.  The main HUD offers a ton of flexibility for hair bases, lashes, controlling the level of neck “fat” as well as the neck “fix” on/off.  Makeup options are fairly numerous and I love that the teeth, hairbase, blush, lipstick, brows, etc. offers a number of open spots for you to add your own custom appliers.  The HUDs are clear, easy to read and use:

All of this is very user-friendly as well – even somebody with  my limited technical expertise had no trouble setting up some of the customization.  Out of the box, the head includes the above skin shades and makeup options along with 5 eyeliners, 3 blush, 16 lipstick and 4 lash options.


So I don’t have to make a confused face when setting up!

Of course another reason I love it; the animations.  All Catwa animated heads come with nine facial expressions.  If you look at the top nine “smiley” looking buttons, those are the included expressions.  They can be selected or deselected, and the button to the right allows you to “pause” for a static expression, or select multiples and hit “play” to have your face go through a series of the possible animated expressions.  I tend to use the slight grin on a cycle with the lips slightly parted (top photo) overall, but the others do come in handy and I want the 10 additional eye and 28 lip expressions also available as an upgrade!

The updates: I liked the updates mostly because it showed Catwa‘s attention to detail.  We’ll begin with the addition of a “low quality” blink speed.  Why?  Well in situations where you are on a laggy sim it can be helpful.  The other update was a change in the lacrimal texture.  The what?  This.

I had to google it!

Currently in this shoot I am wearing the Laura appliers by Lara Hurley.  They offer some nice options for eyeliner, lip shade and brow shade – as illustrated here:catwa-annie-dark


Annie head by Catwa

Laura appliers by Lara Hurley

Senuna Hair by eXxEsS

Cinnamon Hair by eXxEsS  (bottom pic)

Deep Sky mesh eyes by Mayfly

Kathie shirt in teal by Just Because


As always, thank you so much for reading, and have a wonderful day!


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