Dancing in the Discotent

Everybody should have a “discotent”.  SL is a wonderful world in so many ways – one of which is the habit it has of sending you unexpected turns.  We needed a nice “shelter”, a tent or gazebo of some kind for an open area of beach/sand.  I found the “Foil Gazebo” by Tiki Tattoo.  I haven’t yet informed them that they gave it the wrong name.


Looks innocent, doesn’t it?

Discotent 2

Or we’re using it incorrectly.  Wait, that’s impossible.

Eventually – the unexpected comes along.  Or maybe others would say “Meg, the completely expected happened”.  A trip to There In Spirit and this lovely serene tent gets lights and…


Foil Gazebo – A/K/A “Discotent” by Tiki Tattoo

Tyrkini “Retro” style by Blueberry

Lights from There In Spirit

Body:  Lara by Maitreya, Catwa Annie Head, DeeTaleZ applier and Senuna A/B hair from eXxEsS


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