No Need for Sunscreen in SL~

Addams Londa Cover Up2

Addams Londa Cover Up

Out exploring The Blake Sea, I realized I wanted a bit of something to cover up with and pulled on this fun and flirty cover up from Addams.

Addams Londa Cover Up3

Not a Sunscreen Substitute!

While the design may not exactly be a substitute for your Nutrogena 80 SPF, it’s a cute look for over just about any suit.  The fit is still figure-flattering and I found most of my bikinis don’t glitch with it – despite the sexy fit!  In this case the Tyrkini by Blueberry.

Addams Londa Cover Up1

Definitely no Sunscreen Needed

And it does well in water, thanks in large part to Argrace’s Chizuru hair.  For those of you who like photography, they offer an entire line of styles meant for modeling and photos.  They’re very pose-friendly and offer an additional layer of reality to your shoots!

Addams Londa Cover Up4

Cooling Off


Londa Cover Up by Addams

Tyrkini (in white and mist) by Blueberry

Senuna B Hair by eXxEsS (top three)

Chizuru Hair by Argrace  (bottom photo)




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