New Home, Old Style

(originally posted June 3 2016)

A bit of a get together at the house tonight and I realized that three of us were in the same exact bikini, just in different colors.  Since my friends who also had on the (soon to be mentioned) popular bikini are NOT people with whom I invite comparisons of figure, I changed!RivJenHeaMeg

And who doesn’t love a little “retro style”?MegPinup

Addams Retro Line Spa Bikini does it!  Jenny and Heather also look lovely in their Just Because Ahrianna bikinis.

 It’s Summer!  Well it’s almost Summer!  Let’s enjoy and get out there in our bikinis, or one-pieces or whatever we feel lovely wearing!

Keep an eye on us here – we have a lot of bikini aficionados and a long gorgeous Summer ahead.


Retro Line Spa Bikini by Addams

Ahrianna bikini from Just Because

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