My June Luxe Box

(Originally posted June 15 2016)

The unboxing begins…

Luxe Box June 2016 HUD

Luxe Box HUD June 2015

By now anybody interested has read about this month’s Luxe Box.  And anybody who knows me has heard about it!  Since only people who know me are reading this blog (for now), I won’t go overboard.  There are lovely things in the box once again – and my thanks to the designers and everybody involved for making it such a fun process and for giving SL this fun idea!

Excuse me while I tear into my prezzies.

Shopping Bag

Tearing into The Loot

Foxes put a lovely bikini with tassly bits on the top in the box.  The suit also comes with ten colors – and as a nice touch, separate HUDs for the top and bottom, should you desire to mix and match.  A nice touch!

Foxes Tassle Kini

Foxes Tassel Kini

Of course I didn’t demonstrate my favorite feature.  I’m an enigma.

Reign added a really cool set of heels, called Estee; they came with three separate HUDs, one for Reign, one for Foxes and one for Blueberry – so you can match them to a variety of outfits.

Of course…..

Meg models the black pair!

Here we have the Blueberry contribution for June.  The Lover Skirts.  Included in this was a fatpack HUD for the skirt color, the buttons and the panties – as well as a panties on/off toggle – to give us a choice.  =]tres blah Carolina Dress Anchors

tres blah inclued the Carolina Dress with ten color combinations.  I love wearing something I normally wouldn’t have picked up – another great reason to try Luxe!

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