eXxEsS Hair Update – Breeze Feature

I’ve been a huge fan of eXxEsS hair for some time now and have several of her styles.  I recently learned she has updated and new styles with a “breeze” option.  Being a beach dweller I obviously had to have it!  My Senuna styles (A and B) are now available with it (and Layja was so very helpful with this – Thank you!) there are some great new styles – including Champagne – which comes with options for having the hat or simply the hair and no hat, as well as a multi color HUD for the hairstyle and for the hat so you can match it to about any outfit.


eXxEsS Champagne Hair with Hat – both HUD controlled


Champagne Hair and Hat

It makes for such a fun beach look!

Pictured with Champagne hair:

Body, Lara by Maitreya

Skin, DeeTaleZ

Head, Annie by Catwa

Since this is a still picture and not video, this won’t quite do it justice – so just hop over to eXxEsS and take a look for yourself – the hair has a subtle motion to it, suggesting a nice breeze making it move just a bit.  A really great idea and a nice touch on some great styles and looks.

My dear friend and always lovely model River showing the Senuna A style – Senuna A is a HUD with more “natural” colors, and B offers more color blends with blues, pinks, etc.  The update also includes updated texture highlights and colors.  Here’s to creators continuing to offer enhancements on their current products!

I neglected to ask River what she had on with her Senuna Hair.  =]

Check them out at eXxEsS

 I love the color options in her hair HUDs.  Over fifty colors.

Pictured here with Senuna B:

Blueberry Tyrkini in white.

Same body as above =]

eXxeSs HUD B

Don’t you just want to push EVERY button?

Pictured with Senuna B:

Lona Skirt by Just Because – in Lt Blue Dazzle

Jocelyn Knotted Top – Blueberry

3 thoughts on “eXxEsS Hair Update – Breeze Feature

  1. I think the creator of this blog is the most wonderful and smahtest woman in all of sl..you might say .i love her..(smiles) and you would not be wrong.)


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